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Metastatic mutilate safe Prostate cancer represents 25% of all prostate in India.

Non-steroidal antiandrogens (NSAAs) are therapy for advanced and metastatic Prostate malignancy. Presently, they are fundamentally utilized in combination with LHRH agonists in preventing clinical ‘erupt’ and in mix with LHRH agonists/adversaries to accomplish ‘total androgen blockade’. They threaten the activities of androgens at the receptor level and subsequently hinder tumor development. Enzalutamide was first presented in 2009 as a second-age antiandrogen with a few favorable circumstances over original NSAAs bicalutamide.

Enzalutamide is a second-age against androgen inhibitor. As opposed to the ‘traditional antiandrogens’, enzalutamide doesn’t just obstruct androgen official, yet it additionally represses movement of the AR to the core and impedes AR authoritative to DNA. Enzalutamide is the principal AR blocker to exhibit an unequivocal endurance advantage in men with emasculation safe prostate malignancy.

CAPMIDE is demonstrated for the treatment of

Adult men with metastatic castration safe prostate malignancy whose sickness has advanced on or after docetaxel treatment

CAPMIDE is a professionally prescribed medication that is utilized to treat adult men with prostate cancer that has spread away from the prostate, no longer reacts to a clinical or careful treatment that brings down testosterone and has advanced while on or after chemotherapy with docetaxel.

It isn’t known whether CAPMIDE is protected and successful in females and in youngsters.

Peruse the entirety of this flyer cautiously before you begin taking this medication since it contains significant data for you.

Keep this flyer. You may need to peruse it once more.

If you have any further inquiries, ask your doctor.

This medication has been endorsed for you as it were. Try not to give it to other people. It might hurt them, regardless of whether their indications of sickness are equivalent to yours.

You can approach your medical care supplier or drug specialist for data about CAPMIDE that is composed for medical care experts.

If you get any reactions, converse with your doctor, drug specialist or other medical services supplier You can likewise report reactions straightforwardly by means of the public pharmacovigilance program of India by approaching 1800 180 3024 or you can answer to Cipla Ltd on 18002677779. By announcing symptoms, you can help give more data on the wellbeing of this item.

This incorporates any conceivable reactions not recorded in this flyer. See area 4.

Converse with your doctor before taking CAPMIDE

In the event that you are taking any drugs to forestall blood clumps (for example warfarin, acenocoumarol)

If you use chemotherapy like docetaxel

In the event that you have issues with your liver

In the event that you have issues with your kidneys

If it’s not too much trouble tell your PCP in the event that you have history of any of the accompanying:

Any heart or vein conditions, including heart beat issues (arrhythmia), or are being treated with medications for these conditions; seizures, cerebrum injury, stroke or mind tumors; hypertension; strange measures of fat or cholesterol in your blood (dyslipidemia); have female accomplices who are or may get pregnant. The danger of heart beat issues might be expanded when utilizing CAPMIDE. On the off chance that you are hypersensitive to enzalutamide, this may bring about a rash or growing of the face, tongue, lip or throat. In the event that you are hypersensitive to enzalutamide or any of different elements of this medication, don’t take CAPMIDE. On the off chance that any of the above concerns you or you don’t know, converse with your PCP before taking this medication.

Kids and adolescents

This medication isn’t for use in kids and youths.

Different meds and CAPMIDE

Tell your primary care physician on the if you are taking, have as of late taken or may take some other medications. You have to know the names of the meds you take. Keep a rundown of them with you to show to your primary care physician when you are recommended another medication. You ought not begin or quit taking any medication before you talk with the specialist that recommended CAPMIDE. Tell your PCP in the event that you are taking any of the accompanying medications. At the point when taken simultaneously as CAPMIDE, these prescriptions may build the danger of a seizure:

Tell your PCP in the event that you are taking the accompanying drugs. These medications may impact the impact of CAPMIDE, or CAPMIDE may impact the impact of these drugs.

This incorporates certain medications used to:

Lower cholesterol (for example gemfibrozil, atorvastatin, simvastatin)

Treat torment (for example fentanyl, tramadol)

Treat disease (for example cabazitaxel)

Treat epilepsy (for example carbamazepine, clonazepam, phenytoin, primidone, valproic corrosive)

Treat certain mental issues, for example, extreme uneasiness or schizophrenia (for example diazepam, midazolam, haloperidol)

Treat rest issues (for example zolpidem)

Treat heart conditions or lower circulatory strain (for example bisoprolol, digoxin, diltiazem, felodipine, nicardipine, nifedipine, propranolol, verapamil)

Treat genuine illness identified with irritation (for example dexamethasone, prednisolone)

Treat HIV contamination (for example indinavir, ritonavir)

Treat bacterial contaminations (for example clarithromycin, doxycycline)

Treat thyroid issues (for example levothyroxine)

Additionally, inform your medical care supplier concerning all different drugs you take including physician endorsed meds, over-the-counter prescriptions, nutrients and home grown enhancements. CAPMIDE may influence the manner in which different drugs work and different meds may influence the way CAPMIDE works.

Pregnancy, bosom taking care of and ripeness

CAPMIDE isn’t for use in ladies. This medication may make hurt the unborn kid or expected loss of pregnancy whenever taken by ladies who are pregnant. It must not be taken by ladies who are pregnant, may get pregnant, or who are bosom taking care of.

Male patients on CAPMIDE may have debilitated richness which may influence capacity to father youngsters. Converse with your medical care supplier on the off chance that you have worries about fruitfulness.

If you are engaging in sexual relations with a lady who can get pregnant, utilize a condom and another powerful conception prevention technique, during treatment and for 3 months after treatment with this medication. On the off chance that you are engaging in sexual relations with a pregnant lady, utilize a condom to ensure the unborn youngster.

Female parental figures see segment 3 ‘How to take CAPMIDE’ for taking care of and use.

Driving and utilizing machines

This medication has moderate impact on your capacity to drive or utilize any devices or machines as the symptoms of enzalutamide incorporate mental and neurological occasions including seizure. In the event that you are at higher danger of seizures, converse with your doctor.

CAPMIDE contains sorbitol

This medication contains 65.7 mg sorbitol (a kind of sugar) per delicate container. In the event that you have been told by your doctor that you have a bigotry to certain sugars, contact your doctor before taking this medication.

Is enzalutamide a chemotherapy?

Xtandi, otherwise called enzalutamide, was affirmed in 2012 as a therapy for men with metastatic prostate disease who have just attempted the chemotherapy drug docetaxel. The new examination indicated it was also successful when utilized before chemotherapy.

What are the side effects of Enzalutamide?

Like all medicines, enzalutamide can cause symptoms. ... Regular symptoms include: extraordinary sluggishness (weakness) cerebral pains. hot flushes. hypertension. feeling anxious. issues with memory and focus. dry or bothersome skin. expanding of the bosom region (gynaecomastia)

How long can you take enzalutamide?

Notwithstanding drawn out survival, patients given Enzalutamide demonstrated significant improvement in different measures including PSA blood levels, an expansion from 3.0 months to 8.3 months in time until PSA movement, and an increment from 2.9 months to 8.3 months in generally speaking movement free survival.

What is enzalutamide used for?

Enzalutamide is utilized to treat prostate malignant growth that has spread to different pieces of the body in men and who have been helped by certain clinical and careful medicines that decline testosterone levels.

Does xtandi prolong life?

Future: The investigation proposes that enzalutamide can build future: A fourth of the men had died inside around 17 months in the dynamic reconnaissance gathering, and inside around 22 months in the enzalutamide group.

How To Take

Continuously take this medication precisely as your doctor has let you know. Check with your PCP on the if you don’t know. The standard portion is 160 mg (four delicate cases), taken simultaneously once every day. Try not to intrude, change the portion of or stop CAPMIDE without first counseling your medical services supplier.


Swallow the delicate cases with water.

Try not to bite, break up or open the delicate containers before gulping.

CAPMIDE can be taken with or without food.

CAPMIDE ought not be taken care of by people other than the patient and his guardians, and particularly not by ladies who are or may get pregnant.

Your doctor may also endorse different drugs while you are taking CAPMIDE.

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